Smart publisher for amateurs and professionals

Qirat enables amateur and professional writers, authors, poets, scientists, students, researchers, content creators and thinkers to e-publish their creativity and maintain a lifetime smart app where they meet their shareholders.

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New space

Qirat alternates affordable, user-friendly, and speedy way to publish and interact.

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To the max

Qirat encourages readers and researchers to explore maximum resources of knowledge and entertainment.

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In full power

Qirat disrupts reading industry with a humane technology that aspire to illuminate new readers of change.

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A game-changer

Qirat serves as a game changer to internet browsing and social app vicious circle dilemma.

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Turn your words into a reality book without coding

Qirat gives you a user-friendly platform to input your content and convert it to futuristic form of what is so-called a book

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Created by Zemam

A situation to fix

The marketplace

Shelves on many bookstores are staffed with famous books for lucky writers who strived their long life to reach publicity and Recognition. These same shelves are missing millions of intellectual and literature pieces of arts for many shy and helpless writers who failed to transmit their creativity into paper and ink

The creators

Famous writers claim poor or unfair income distribution among publishers, bookstores and themselves. Meanwhile, unknown writers stored their creativity inside their drawers and USBs away from millions of thirsty readers.

The existing alternative

E-books are published on the internet randomly or listed among thousands of not millions of titles makes it hard to find or to enjoy. No reader can be privileged with privacy and focus of a single title exploring beauty and art of the maker who loses uniqueness and character among crowded colleagues and competitors.

Our Services



Avail digital solutions for publishing every intellectual or literature pieces or art as a unique and branded smart application for the author and book.



Reinventing reading hobby as a desired and and exciting activity through creating an immersive, interactive and amusing journey on smart devices. Offering affordable and friendly platform for writers, authors and talented armatures to cast their creativity.

Slide Goals Our Goals Assist all creative writer to easily and speedily publish their arts. Digitize and promote intellectual Produce a trade mark and a brand for each book and each writer Enrich creative intellectual and literature deliverables Open doors for more transparency between readers and writers Contribute to good art immortality Encourage publishing Lure champions of arts and boost competitiveness and awarding Alternate useful and significant internet browsing. Instill reading passion in an innovative heritage portal and literature pieces of arts